Scott Storch & Kim Kardashian?


Um, so in a recent interview with DETAILS, Scott Storch claims to have done the bizness with Kim Kardashian. Kim denies it, but Scott seems to be sure that its the truth. Wasn’t he just on an episode with Kim in her sisters’ show on E!? All the Kardashians were cool with having Storch around, so not sure how these new developments is going to affect that. But yeah, here’s what Scott said:

“Kim Kardashian—she was amazing.” (Kim denies she and Storch had sex.)”Dude, she really is so fucking hot. But there were others, lots of them. Three or four at once. I made Wilt Chamberlain look like an angel. I feel bad about that—being a pig. You meet a lot of good people, people that aren’t as fucked up as you, and you manipulate them and take advantage of them.”

Sources: RapRadar.Com and Perez Hilton


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