Jennifer Lopez working with Pitbull, Pharrell and Jim Jonsin (AceShowbiz Reports)


According to AceShowBiz, Jennifer Lopez gets helping hands from Pharrell Williams in the making of her new single called “Lola”, Pitbull said. While attending the Sunday ceremony of 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio Music City Hall, the song’s featured guest opened up that Pharrell serves as the producer of the new track.

Furthermore, Pitbull who tweeted about having a duet with Jennifer earlier this year revealed he and Jennifer have filmed a music video aimed to promote the soon-to-be-released single. He described the video as “an upscale Eyes Wide Shut – where my role is being taken advantage of by these beautiful women who are, like, massaging me.”

And with the collaboration with Pitbull, it was also revealed the Jennifer has been working with longtime Pitbull-collaborator, producer Jim Jonsin.

News surrounding Jennifer Lopez’s new album has emerged since June. During an interview, she revealed that her new album will be put out for purchase sometime in January 2010. Although she didn’t mention about Pitbull’s involvement, the wife of singer Marc Anthony indeed said about unveiling a new single in September.

Beside Pitbull and Pharrell Williams, other big names attached to Jennifer’s new effort are singer/producer Johnta Austin and acclaimed music maker Mike Caren.

News article and words courtesy of AceShowBiz

Oh, and YES, the photo to the right IS altered and photoshopped dramatically. But it is big, though.


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