MIAMI LIVE FEATURE | Karen “KD” Douglas – PK Designz, SJM Magazine, Team Trina, KDRS Music Group


Story & Photo by Miami Live

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

This quote not only justifies but sets the overall tone of entrepreneur and tastemaker behind the music Karen “KD” Douglas’ lifestyle. Since her inception into the world, this young business woman has displayed nothing less than a tireless work ethic and dedication to every endeavor that she has ever placed hands on. Born in London, England in a single parent home, KD and her mother moved to the United States in the mid 80’s. Although she excelled in all areas academically “Most of my interests throughout school revolved around the fine arts including, all avenues and genres of music and entertainment.” The young “renaissance” woman was also a member of the National Honors Society and humbly states that she graduated at the top 15% of her senior class.

After graduating from high school KD forged ahead and enrolled in Florida International University, in Miami Florida. After a few semesters KD’s desire for the fine arts and music had developed into something that a bland education could not offer at the time; with this burning desire to achieve at hand, KD began indulging into the field of graphic design, marketing and photography and soon after launched her own company PK Designz and went on to providing services to rap superstars such as Trick Daddy, Trina, Luther “Luke” Campbell, Jacki-O, and Plies just to name a few. She went on to service many of the well known clubs and promoters in the South Florida area.

From the beginning of time, KD has always been what others would like to identify as a “Girl Out Loud” the creative, intellectual, innovative, yet fun young entrepreneur always looking to create new ways to better the community, and create awareness for various. Upon several partnerships, successful events with some of the top promoters in Miami and music related projects, KD has been better known for her for her position as the esteemed road manager/assitant manager to rap super star Trina, and is known throughout South Florida for being a respected socialite.

During the transition KD working heavily with different artists providing more one on one direction and a variety of “graphic designing campaigns” which consisted of art direction and creating promotional packages. Although she does it all but has primarily focused on her work in behind the scenes in the industry with the artists. Some of her most recent accolades and goals include served as the creative director over Trina’s 4th studio album entitled “Still the Baddest” which debuted at #1 on the Top R&B Hip Hop charts, a number of mix tapes, creating and overseeing the day to day dealings with Trina.

In recent success the soft spoken, coy business women is working on the re launch of her adult urban entertainment lifestyle magazine “SJM” (Strip Joint Magazine), which was originally launched in 2004. The publication covers the behind the scenes look of the strip club scene, music, fashion and entertainment and set to hit new stands at the start of 2010. This is just another mark of distinction that KD states that she is has in the makings for the world to relish.

Destined for nothing short of success KD is a unwavering visionary to say the least.

When asked about future goals and achievements, KD states “My goal is to create a new lane to the entertainment industry that can bring fresh innovative music and talent that touches the soul and evokes thought, emotion and creativity on another level.” To be recognized years to come for all of my achievements, and to be a motivation to other young women coming up is the greatest reward of all. I would also like to continue to work with upcoming artists branding them into “household” named. It has taken many years of hard work and dedication to get in the position KD is in today, but she only views her dedication to the industry as nothing more than a “labor of love”. Upcoming projects for KD consist of further development with Trina’s non profit foundation “Diamond Doll Foundation” which is dedicated to giving back to inner city teenage girls, emotionally, financially and spiritually. “KDRS Music Group is in the works we already have our first artist in the studio…stay tuned for that”. In the midst of that I will continue to become more involved in the community and creating awareness for “serious issues” in America including, AIDS, domestic violence and more.

KD’s popularity and status will never go destitute, because she possess leadership, dedication and commitment to whatever she puts her mind to.

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