FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD | Flow Official – Free Speech LP


Its official, Miami-based Flow Official is back with new album free for download. The “Free Speech” LP title may not be what you initially would expect. While Omniscient and Emo are known to speak deep about world politics, this album gears more towards social everyday views with additional grit to make your head jerk. Tracks like “Under the Grey Skies” and “Good Morning” embody the struggles we may have faced in life, with a belief in making change if we truly apply ourself to that additional sacrifice. On “My Love” the crew shows their faithfulness and loyaly to the controversial gangja leaf. Tracks vary across the board on this album with emotion, knowledge and simply wordplay for entertainment sake. Yet the album would not be complete without a nostalgic song reminiscing about the old and new in their home town of Miami.

Tracklisting and download link after the break…

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