Wale rocking Polymathix Clothing’s “Cocaina” t-shirt


Photos courtesy of Polymathixco.Com

Polymathix Clothing is a South Florida based clothing company with creative designs and clean graphics. They’ve had a couple fashion shows in the past couple months and have received a lot of fanfare because of them. You may know them best for their infamous take on the Florida Marlins’ logo where they made the Marlin image and put their own twist on it (click here to see), Well, they released this brand new shirt entitled the “Cocaina” t-shirt. Its a shirt with an obvious play of Coca-Cola’s logo in-bred in between imagery of the brutal grounds of the Cocaine laced countries of South America. Its in no way glorifying the trafficking of Cocaine, but in reality the Cocaine industry provides a way of living and a way of survival for a lot of people in South America. According to Polymathix, it gives them “No bling. No foreign vehicles or $300 pairs of sneakers. [It gives them] just enough for nourishments and shelter.”

That’s real talk. And above you can see hip-hop artist Wale rockin’ the shirt for Polymathix. And below you can see a couple associated images in regards to the inspiration behind the shirt.

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