Protoman Interview on Audiblehype – Unity, Business, Motivation


Photos by Ian Witlen

Protoman on Unity, Business, Motivation and Time Travel
South Florida emcee, Protoman was recently featured on AudibleHype to talk a little bit about the business side of what he does. He really goes in and has multiple great quotables and brings up tons of great points that upcoming artists should pay attention to.

“…People get bored listening to a song on the computer without a visual to accommodate. Peoples senses are burnt out. Everyone has ADD. Make sure your websites are colorful and full of dope shit. Pictures of you, banners, show flyers…”

“…The biggest mistakes I see made are artists getting played. Artists trusting a promoter and getting hustled. I was recently in LA looking for gigs and was disgusted at a thing called Ò€œPay to PlayÒ€. This is where a up and coming artist pays a promoter to open up for a bigger name. This is crazy to me. Its bad enough when you have your fanbase come see you, paying at the door, and you don’t make a dime. But you paying?!?…”

“…I’d rather get out 10 CDs for 5 dollars apiece, versus 5 CDs for 10 dollars apiece. It balances out and fans see your giving them a break. Its only going to help me in the long run once the economy bounces back. That one kid who spent his last 10 bucks at the door will get a free CD from me. In the future I’ll see him again, he’ll be on better terms financially and he’ll express his gratitude by buying a few CDs and a shirt perhaps. Its all about balance…”

Read the entire interview of Protoman with AudibleHype by clicking here

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