Thursday News Links


News from all over the place.

A Shark dumped in the streets of Overtown (Miami) – Only in Miami do things like this happen. Word is they were traveling with the shark on the MetroMover as well and that’s how authorities were alerted. And also, we hear that their asking price was $10. Seriously? Well cops are seeking to hit them with tons of charges. [DailyMail]

I guess Its now the “in” thing to become a minority owner of the Dolphins – Marc Anthony x Jennifer Lopez x Miami Dolphins [MTVNews]

TMZ gets dunked on by Ebaum Nation – TMZ fails on a hyped video they acquired of the “infamous” Lebron dunk by Jordan Crawford . They put all this hype around their low quality footage taken from the other side of the court – and Ebaum Nation schools TMZ with a better quality, more definitive video and even puts it out before them if I’m not mistaken. {RapRadar]

Amber Rose Knows – Here’s some footage of Amber Rose interviewed by Team Angela Yee. This was pre-Kanye West. But nonetheless…good lord. [TeamYee]

IBlog126 responds to our confirmation of Trick Daddy’s album cover – They let ‘em have it. [iBlog126]

Buckshot is mad at Rock The Bells – Buckshot speaks to Miami-based Gamertag Radio and lets ‘em have it. I guess he didn’t know he was going to be put on the “second” stage. Oh…the horror. My thing is…dude, your well beyond your prime and you still getting money. I’d perform in the parking lot so long as that nice check was still coming in the mail. [GamerTagRadio]

Nas & Kelis welcome a baby boy named “Knight” into this world – Congrats to Kelis and Nas. Kiss and makeup already. [Allhiphop]

The NYC Subway Love Nest – This is too funny. James and Karla Murray (makers of the book, Miami Graffiti), spotted this very “interested” corner of space in the matrix that’s known as the NYC Subway system. Too funny. [MSGCartel]

Honorable Mention | The Banned Sprite Ad (NSFW) – turns out it was fake, but funny nonetheless. [BroccoliCity]


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