News Links & Updates for Wednesday June 24, 2009


Model: Jessica Skyy

I think we might make this a Wednesday tradition. Every Wednesday, posting random stories from all over the place. I think it works. Either way, its been a busy week. But glad to see all the emails I’ve been getting from people feeling the site and the work that’s being put in. Thank you all. This site is for ya’ll.

»MSG Cartel makes the New Times blush and uh, get nervous – The MSG boys paid homage to their “Best Of Miami” win on the New Times shortlist by doing what they do best. By taking it to walls and coming up with some dope imagery. Pics included. [Riptide]

»Scott Storch gets a reality show – Brought you by the reality kings (no not the porn site) Bunim/Murray. [Allhiphop]

»Got bistec? Local poster boy, Perez Hilton and do (twitter recap…lol) – Dawg, how you gonna call a “faggot” and not expect to atleast get dropped by him or someone in his crew. Perez used to be cool in my book, but recently he’s been doing some dumb ass shit. Either way, read this HILARIOUS recap of the events. [Complex]

»Drake visits Miami…the aftermath – got the exclusive and posted the Drake video of him making his first appearance at Club 5th with the 400 Club. And the video went completely viral and made the internet go nuts (c) Paul Waul. A big thanks to DreFilms and 400 Club for sending the info and video to The305.Com before anybody else. [The305]

»Neil Rogers says goodbye to Miami and to talk radio – Funny thing is that he did a Miami talk show every day, and did it all the way from Canada. Dude was a gangsta. That man straight dropped the “F-Bomb” on the air like a real G. I used to listen to his show and it was quite interesting to say the least.  [MiamiHerald]

»Dwayne Wade via Twitter – Stalkers (male and female), you can thank me later. [Twitter]

»Mayday brought in their new EP in style at Transit Lounge – Definitely one of my favorite bands and overall hip-hop groups. On some real shit, they gets busy. Adrian gets a recap of the events that transpired that night. [MiamiMusicMatters]

»Rick Ross covers the next issue of RAP-UP with CiCi – Ricky and Cici cover the next issue of Rap-Up magazine. [Rap-Up]

Rock The Bells says “nah” to The305 – Pretty sure that by now we should all assume Rock The Bells ain’t coming to Miami. I’ve heard various stories from different people, but it just seems like the numbers couldn’t work out and a deal couldn’t be made. And obviously, this has lots of local hip-hop heads pissed off because this was one of the biggest and best hip-hop shows that we all looked forward to every August in Miami. The forums is talking… [The305Forums]


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