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On August 22nd, Miami-based entertainment blog site, iBlog126.Com will be celebrating their One-Year Anniversary. Its been an interesting year for founders Napps and Prima-Bloggerina. They’ve put in countless hours a day and sometimes posting like 20 stories in one day on the blog. Which in blog-terms, as easy as it might sound, takes up an insane amount of work. And its good to see that they’ve weathered the storms and kept up with iBlog on a consistent basis and will hopefully bring many more yearly anniversaries to celebrate. We invited the crew over to our office to take a couple photos (photo-booth style) and to talk and discuss a variety of things including Myspace Stalker stories, where the “126” suffix comes from, and their opinion on what it takes to be a blogger. Read below…

305: All right, so I have to know where the 126 attachment plays on to everything…
Napps: “126” was a group that I started back in high school. It was more than just a rap group thing, but after high school, we did get signed to a couple management and record deals but they honestly never pushed forward. But as a group, we still did move forward. I mean, we have a motto…”one hand wash the other, both wash the face…” And with me, I always carried “126” as a last name and everything I do because that’s where I came from. So when coming up with a name with Prima, iblog126 was born.

And how did “blogging” come into play? Is this something you guys always wanted to do?
Napps: Originally, I never wanted to do the blog thing. I wanted her [Prima] to do it. But you know, I wanted to give an opportunity to showcase local artists and give them an opportunity to get their music heard by giving them a chance to post their music online on our site. And so far, its been working pretty good.
Prima: As far as how I got into blogging, I used to do blogs on myspace and used to get good feedback, so it kind of just started from there.
Napps: Prima definitely brings diversity to iBlog126. She posts things that I DON’T want to talk about and would NEVER talk about. That’s where all the Miley Cirus and fashion things come from. We get into arguments on some of the stuff she posts, but you know, it works…

What’s the main objective of iBlog126.Com?
Prima: Milery Cirus!!! (LOL)
Napps: No its not!!!!
Prima: Seriously, iBlog126 is not just hip-hop. Its everything. I want everyone to be able to come to it and just see a lot of things that would interest them. And not be just a hip-hop blog.

Does it cause any twitter beef exchanges between you two?
Prima: LOL
Napps: Yeah it does! But you know, it works. People come to the site. Even people I know from the hood that come to the site and tell me they see stuff that she writes about that still catches their attention and find interesting.

Any interesting stories since starting the site?
Prima: I was at a bathroom in the Hard Rock and this girl looked at me and said, “Don’t you have a website? Aren’t you that iBlog126 girl?” And I responded shockingly that I was. That’s when I knew we were on to something. For random people to acknowledge us…it’s crazy.

I know you guys are going to celebrate iBlog126’s One-Year Anniversary in August, what do you guys have planned for the year-mark and beyond…?
Prima: I definitely want the site to be recognized on a national level, but not JUST by hip-hop. More of being recognized for everything…
Napps: We definitely want to expand more and getting into mixtapes and events. Basically, I want the site to grow. I want to be in contact with certain record labels and even film directors – there’s so much I want to do. I really want to BREAK the next local artist in Miami. Hopefully through our site, we can break the next major artist out of Miami. That’s definitely a goal of mine.
Since starting the blog, have any crazy messages or crazy emails made it your way?
Prima: I get random messages on myspace all the time, but there was this one completely OFFENSIVE message that I got from a guy asking me if I would give him a blow job for $600. I was disgusted by it and I called him out everywhere and posted the whole message on one of my posts on Myspace and on iBlog126. And I wrote about how I felt because I was highly disrespected. Even if it is myspace, you don’t approach girls like that. After I called him out, I got a lot of messages from a lot of people commending me about how I approached the situation.

In regards to individual posts, what’s one of your most popular and well received posts that you’ve done on iBlog126?
Napps: I posted a video from a T.I. event that I did – its was a listening party at Club B.E.D. That was pretty well received and got a lot of views and a lot of sites picked it up. There was also a post I did about the Jay-Z concert in Miami that he did for the Voter Registration.
How important do you feel blogging is to the music industry?
Napps: Its very important. I work for Lex Promotions part time. And when I started at Lex three or four years ago, the game was all based on street promotions – flyers, posters, t-shirts and etc. And now, a couple years after the fact, all of that has gone down the drain. None of the record labels are trying to spend money on street promotions anymore. Its expensive and they end up getting fined by the city, so they don’t want to do it anymore. So the new thing right now is online promotions. From email blasts, to myspace, twitter and blogging. You can basically find a lot of new music on blogs before you even get it on email blasts or even before you get it directly from the label. Blogs just give you creative freedom to be honest and say how you feel about the music – from the blogger side and even the people in the comments as well.

What would you say that you need to be blogger?
Prima: Personality and a computer.
Napps: Yeah…if you don’t have a personality, don’t even bother doing it. If you don’t have a character, you will never set yourself apart from any other blog site, out of the millions that are out there.

What are some of your favorite blogs and websites you guys visit?
Prima: BlogXilla and sometimes Perez Hilton, but sometimes he’s too out of control for me. Also, RundownTV.
Napps: No joke…The305.Com, as well as NahRight and SmartenupNas. I have a Google Reader that goes through a lot of blogs, but The305.Com, NahRight and SmartenupNas are the only ones I actually type in and visit.

Any last words and shoutouts?
Napps: I’m definitely pushing Bizzle out there, along with Lex promotions. I feel like he’s next. Shout out to Chris first and foremost because 126, that’s my peoples. Shout out to The305.Com of course, RandumbMiami, 305hiphop, and 24hourhiphop. They’re all based in Miami so you know we gotta support each other. Shout outs to Yung Turks TV and everybody who follows us and supports us and has helped us flourish and get to where we’re at today….
Prima: Last words…I just want people to be open-minded about everything. Music, Fashion, Skinny Jeans (lol)…you know, because a lot of people are confined to a box. Just be open minded and expand your horizons.

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