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A break from the norm, Miami-based group, DMG, fuses hip-hop with a mix of all genres to become one of the brightest up-and-comers that are coming out of the city. Members, Q and Kalli just shot their first music video and are preparing the final touches for their debut album Left Field. Their mixtape, entitled Revenge Of The Nerds Volume 1, should be out for the public to hear, later this summer. In the meantime, read on as we discuss a couple things as well as what a live DMG show really brings…

I have to know, what does the “DMG” acronym stands for?
Q: Dorks, morons and geeks. We chose that meaning because when you put yourself out there like that, you pretty much free yourself from being upset from anyone ever saying something bad about you and getting upset over it. We call ourselves dorks, morons and geeks, you can’t really say anything bad about us.
Kalli: We never took it serious enough to have a definite meaning behind “DMG”. From day one, DMG has had like 15 different meanings and the fact that we’re stuck with one of them over the other ones, just happened recently. Who knows, tomorrow we may still be “Don’t Molest Greg” [Laughs]. But yeah, we’re just pushing the current name because with it, we can do what we want to and be ourselves
Q: Trust me, we put thought into the name. “Dorks” are people that are outcasts and with us, we break from the norm, musically. “Morons” are people that think with an adolescent mind and most kids speak and think freely. And “Geeks” are people that have ONE vice and constantly obsess with that one thing – and with us, it tends to be music. It’s a science behind it.

What are some other meanings behind “DMG” didn’t make the cut just yet?
Q: Draw My Grandmother. Download My Goodies. Don’t Make Gremlins. Don’t Make Garbage.

I hope you got all them dot coms [Laughs]. As far as Miami, what do you think your Miami upbringing has instilled in both of you?
Kalli: Miami is probably one of the best places – conditioning-wise for music. Its rough in any city, but I think if you could make it in Miami, you could make it internationally. The game and the connections and the way shit works in other places is a whole lot different. If you could come-up in Miami and build a buzz for yourself, you have a worldwide potential. Any artist in Miami can tell you how hard it is to get a gig and get 23 people, or even 100 or even 1000 or even 20,000…
Q: So many people move in and out of here and you pick up lots of influences. Miami just brings you all these different vibes. Miami just has lots of people moving in and out constantly. But on the downside, that also means its hard to keep your audience because they’re here one week, and then a couple weeks down the line, they move out of state and etc.

As far as your album, what can we expect…
Q: We pretty much wrapped up our album. Its called Left Field. Other than a couple last minute producers that we might work with, its pretty much done. But in the meantime, while we wait for it to come out, you could check out our Revenge Of The Nerds Mixape Volume 1. You know, for a while you had nothing but hip-hop mixtapes being put out, but now you have people like Chester French and Drake putting mixtapes out. So from that, we got inspired to do a mixtape because its just fun to put out music and mixtapes give you freedom to things that wouldn’t necessarily be on the album.

Will the mixtape be all original music?
Kalli: Yeah, the mixtape will be 100-percent original beats. Its pretty much songs that throughout time we wanted to do, but never necessarily finished them.
Q: The mixtape is definitely something with a lot less rules so that just gives us the opportunity to have more fun with it.

I know you guys definitely go all-out with the fashion aspect of what you do and I can imagine fashion plays a heavy role in the everyday life of DMG…
Q: Fashion plays so much to our image because I guess when you make music, your most likely in love with art in itself. And Fashion is its own art really. And that plays real deeply with us. Its funny to see the people and artists like Kaws – people we’ve looked up to and now, they’re stepping into the fashion world. Seeing that resurgence of art in fashion is real cool. It definitely plays a roll in what we do. Besides expressing ourselves with our music, we express it through fashion.
Kalli: Its fucked up, but image is a lot in this game. And people do care what you look like. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and you don’t look right, shit is not gonna go down. But other than that, you know I like to keep it fresh.
Q: I remember going to Shoe Gallery since I was thirteen. That’s how long we’ve been into clothing and sneakers. People don’t know how long the street wear culture has been around for. It’s the fun to chase the craziest shit sometimes. And about fashion, its really the thrill of the chase and getting that exclusive stuff.

What are your favorite sneakers of all time?
Q: The FLOAMS by Futura and these collaboration Nike SB’s between U.n.k.l.e and Futura.
Kalli: As far as me, I got my Nikes here and there, but Vans are my favorite period. And definitely before the hype. But I’m a lot more simple.

I got a chance to get a sneak peak of a recent video you shot and noticed you guys had a band behind you…
We’ve had a band for a minute. It’s a high intensity and brings something different. Even though a hip-hop group linking with a band isn’t anything different, what we bring is that intensity from that Rock music and Rock shows bring to the table. And in our live shows, having a band delivers what you hear on the album BUT in a completely different way.

My last question, do you think the music industry is in a state of panic?
Kalli: We’re not worried about it. When you come to the game with a mentality of being rich and famous, you’re not gonna get it. But if you come at it by doing what you have to do regardless, you’re gonna get it. Its all about the independent movement. That’s how The Ramones did it originally. For right now, we’re looking at gaining more fans at our shows and getting our music out there. Plain and simple…
Q: I think music is the shit. People will always like and appreciate the live show and the party. People will always need and want music. The love we’re getting is more than enough for us. We’re not worried. We’re having a real good time doing it and whatever happens…happens.

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