Thank you to all…we did it


Thank you to all…we did it…

First off, thank you to everyone that voted for us and helped us become Miami’s Best Local Website in the “Readers Choice” portion of the Miami New Times Best Of Miami 2009 shortlist.

We won this back in 2003 as well. Only six months into first opening the site. And now, six years later (wow, time flies), we win it again. And it’s all due to you all who helped vote.

Besides everything, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve personally put a lot into this site over the last year since relaunching it as a blog. And as corny as it sounds, I really do this for Miami and for all of my loyal readers and colleagues in the industry. Yeah I don’t mind the occasional advertising dollars that swing through, but this site has never been about the money. If it was, I would’ve sold it to one of the many offers I’ve received over the past few years. Some in the tens-of-thousands range. Money isn’t my motivation. I did this site when 10 or 20 people were reading and people would laugh at me and say there’s no success in a locally focused site/blog. Well a year later and we got thousands of individual people coming through daily to see what’s going on in Thank you to all…and trust me, bigger things are coming.

In celebration of this win, I am going to put together a long overdue BBQ / Block Party / Basketball Tournament of some sort. Its gonna be a movie. I’m gonna work out the details, but hopefully sometime in August we can have this event come to fruition. Stay posted for details…

And big shouts to the other hip-hop related winners who scored editorial wins

Best Hip Hop Group – Mayday!
Best Barbershop – Chop Shop
Best Barely Legal Graff Blog – MSGCartel.Com
Best FM Radio Personality – DJ Laz

Thanks again



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