Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, Funkmaster Flex and Mister Cee are all MURDERERS


Murderers in the sense of killing Auto-Tune last night. So…if you haven’t heard by now, Jay-Z had the internet goin’ nuts last night. Funk Flex, Mister Cee and DJ Khaled premiered the new Jay-Z song “Death Of Auto-Tune”. Radio-rips of the song went online almost immediately. Flex and Cee did it up in New York on Hot 97, and here in Miami, DJ Khaled did it up on 99 Jamz. But it was a little more special for Khaled when he played the record because on the song, Jay-Z gives him a HUGE shout out in a rhyme. Like a ridiculous co-sign that caught me totally off guard because it was unexpected honestly. Soon as I heard it I knew Khaled was going to play that line and this record for atleast the next 20 weeks until his next album Victory comes out…straight up. Allright, not seriously, but Khaled played it on 99 Jamz and spun it back atleast 8 times or so before letting it ride through the end. Before he played anything, Khaled proclaimed that “only three people have this record right now…Jay-Z, Funk Flex and….me….”. Which was true until a couple hours later when anyone with internet access and most of Twitter had it in the convenience of their iTunes players and their iPods.

But yeah, rightfully so – the song is hot. No I.D. on the track and Jay-Z on some real hip-hop shit. All we can see now is if this truly is the “Death Of Auto-Tune” and see if Friday June 5, 2009 was the day it was pronounced dead. Listen below, via Dre at NahRight

Jay-Z – D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)
Produced By No I.D.

UPDATE #1: Its now come to light that DJ Clue’s name was edited out of the above version so it could be Hot 97 air-friendly. Kind of reminds me how Power 96 and 103.5 The Beat used to edit out Khaled’s name from the beginning of the “Lean Back” record a few years back. Regardless of the station rivalries, that is some true bitch shit – especially when Flex and Cee are telling everybody else to not even try and edit their names out the song. Here’s the unedited version with DJ Clue’s name in it (its right before Khaled shout), click here to hear.

UPDATE #2: I’m a real Jay-Z fan so I’m a little biased on the song from get. But I gotta agree with what this cat, DJ Chuck T said on Twitter. He said:

“Heatmakerz, Kanye, all them niggas beats had the sped up hooks and nobody made a song saying “Kill The Mickey Mouse Hook”. Jays the hater!”

He has a good point. He really does. And a lot of people are saying that this song isn’t a strong enough record to really be the “nail in the coffin” for the auto-tune sound and that there will be a huge backlash on Jay-Z for this one….let’s see…


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