PHOTOS & RECAP: Katy Perry & Wyclef at their free Grammy Concert presented by T-Mobile Sidekick


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On May 7, 2009, Katy Perry and Wyclef gathered at Miami Beach’s Jackie Gleason Theater (aka The Fillmore) for a free Grammy Celebration Concert, presented by T-Mobile Sidekick. The venue was packed with people of all age groups that came from all over South Florida to check out two of the biggest stars in pop music and hip-hop respectively. As the crowd waited, they were able to kill time by texting random messages to a T-Mobile supplied number and then see their messages broadcasted live on the two huge LCD monitors above the stage.

Wyclef appeared first for the night and performed all of his classics. It was actually cool to Wyclef jump off the stage and interact/perform from inside the crowd for a number of songs. He also got it going with a couple guitar tricks on stage such as playing behind his head and actually playing with his teeth, a talent he says you better have strong teeth for. Katy Perry soon followed minutes after Wyclef and immediately began singing her hits in-sync with a crowd that seamlessly sang along with her word-for-word. At one point she calmed the crowd down and prepared them for her next song which she indicated was dedicated for a very special and dear ex-boyfriend. Travis is who everybody thought she was refering to, but the mood errupted in laughter when the song turned out to be “Ur So Gay”.

Overall, it was a great series of performances by Katy and Wyclef – all in the name of the Grammy’s and T-Mobile Sidekick. View photos of the performances below…


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