Grind Mode’s Chaos gives us his tips to Survive Memorial Day Weekend in Miami


I saw him do this live on Twitter @Chaos33176, so I thought it’d be funny to repost right here on the threohfizzle. There’s technically 100, but he missed a couple numbers here and there (lol). But its all good, its a funny read, especially considering that it was live on Twitter and off the top of his head. Oh and don’t forget to download his mixtape with DJ HiDro (no, its not me) by clicking here. Read all 100 TIPS below…

Memorial Weekend Tip100…have fun but keep GOD in tune with you to provide you with unspeakable protection. Be safe!

Memorial Weekend Tip99…RIP:Uncle Al, Big Will, Toro, Jody Mo, Ran Rover, Neo Brown, Doc Fresh, DJ Crunch1…they are MIAMI Unforgotten!

Memorial Weekend Tip98…Power 96, 99 Jamz, 103 The Beat, 89.1FM, 97,7FM, 89.5FM, 92.7FM

Memorial Weekend Tip97…Get on that Godzilla?!?!? Holla at @samsneaker for more info.

Memorial Weekend Tip96…Chunky Conch

Memorial Weekend Tip95…bring a luke, trick, rick ross, j t money or grind mode cd with u.

Memorial Weekend Tip94…never fuck while your phone is on the bed…last thing you want to do is answer a call or call someone :(

Memorial Weekend Tip93…Ladies, issue with being touched on then go to a church revival.

Memorial Weekend Tip92…Men, the women/men ratio is in our favor so stop trying so hard.

Memorial Weekend Tip91…get insurance on ya rental

Memorial Weekend Tip90…No fucking in the strip clubs.

Memorial Weekend Tip89…Ladies, one piece bikini’s are OUT!

Memorial Weekend Tip88…Zephyrhills will be your friend(especially pill popper).

Memorial Weekend Tip87…Men, if you strike out but here someone fucking one room over…get the lotion & close ur eyes. Its almost the same….

Memorial Weekend Tip86…Have a “designated nigga” at all times.

Memorial Weekend Tip85…Ladies, chipped nails, hair needs to be rebumped, etc…Flea Market: 79street & 27ave

Memorial Weekend Tip84…Men, pussy don’t have acne & razor bump don’t look like dat, don’t let her lie to you…you still got time 2 run!

Memorial Weekend Tip83…Men, you might run ya household, but you don’t run MIAMI BEACH POLICE, so SHUT UP or get LOCKED UP!

Memorial Weekend Tip82…Ladies, bring extra glue because rain & sun makes tracks slip.

Memorial Weekend Tip81…if she left while you were in the shower, your sex sucked ass & your money/cards in your wallet are GONE.

Memorial Weekend Tip80…if he left while you were in the shower…chances are he won’t call. Don’t embarrass yourself by call’n.

Memorial Weekend Tip79…STOP LOOKING FOR LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Memorial Weekend Tip79…Miamians…you know it takes 2hours to get over the bridge after 10pm, GET GAS!!!

Memorial Weekend Tip78…Parking illegally does not get you a $18 ticket during memorial…it gets you a $200 toe, no, “just park dere”

Memorial Weekend Tip77…Strip clubs; it you aint tip’n, you trip’n!!!!!

Memorial Weekend Tip76…Strip club law: making it rain starts with a hundred $1z or more.

Memorial Weekend Tip74…no ya drinking limits.

Memorial Weekend Tip72…Ladies, even if he buys ya drink…WATCH’em!

Memorial Weekend Tip71…Ladies, Came together, Drink/Bathroom together, Leave TOGETHER!

Memorial Weekend Tip70…only steal towels out of hotels 3.5 stars or higher :)

Memorial Weekend Tip69…Don’t 69 unless you knooooow a shower he’s been taken RIGHT before.

Memorial Weekend Tip68…Men, if you saw her at 12pm then 12am & she has the same outfit. Delete that stank bitches number, unsafe.

Memorial Weekend Tip67…DO NOT let someone you just met spend the night, on NO circumstance.

Memorial Weekend Tip66…if you don’t like these tips & rules…its cuz u plan on breakn at least one.

Memorial Weekend Tip65…Stripclub rule…fingers are to count money, not to finger fuck ass’s or pussy’s ya PUSSY!

Memorial Weekend Tip63…Strippers…tip the fucking dj damn…complain’n won’t get you on the stage quicker.

Memorial Weekend Tip62…DO NOT Come to our strip clubs if your NOT tip’n. Our girls are they’re to WORK.

Memorial Weekend Tip61…eat at Chef Creoles or Jumbos!

Memorial Weekend Tip60…Ladies, if a nigga starts by asking you the time but has a watch on & a cel phone…just walk off!

Memorial Weekend Tip59…learn a few creole & spanish words :)

Memorial Weekend Tip58…buy at least ONE local rapper cd…SUPPORT!

Memorial Weekend Tip57…lock all the doors in ya hotel before you go to bed, “HOUSE KEEP’n” lady has no respect. Check under bed b4 u leave

Memorial Weekend Tip56…Groupies, don’t always holla at the celeb…holla at the clean cut niggas with us we talk to the most $$$$$$$$$$$

Memorial Weekend Tip55…BITCH…its been days, call your kids, daaaaamn!

Memorial Weekend Tip54…Its still a recession…with that being said, BE CAREFUL cause everyone aint on the beach aint there for a suntan

Memorial Weekend Tip53…Body spray & febreeze will is not an excuse for NOT proper hygiene etiquette.

Memorial Weekend Tip51…More than one shower DAILY!

Memorial Weekend Tip50…Men, keep a “Cock Blocker’s BLOCKER”…he’s there to block the one that will block’n you, TEAM WORK!

Memorial Weekend Tip49…Best of Best Reggae Concert

Memorial Weekend Tip48…the less the clothing…the better cause its HELL HOTT

Memorial Weekend Tip47…Don’t be afraid to SLEEP, you won’t miss that much…siiiiiiiiiike! Its Miami, you shouldve slept 4 u got here!

Memorial Weekend Tip46…Wet Willies, main come up spot.

Memorial Weekend Tip45…Ladies, no need to argue, just look at what she looks like, pull out your hand mirror then smile. Fuck haters!

Memorial Weekend Tip44…Men, don’t be so quick to grab ass…might not be the ass you want

Memorial Weekend Tip43…Ladies, if you ever fantasized about a 3some or being with a woman…fuck it…do it. Don’t have to see them no mo.

Memorial Weekend Tip42…Ashiness will never be in style, so keep lotion with you

Memorial Weekend Tip41…Ladies, don’t be amazed by fake jewlery, know the difference!

Memorial Weekend Tip40…Don’t Drink, Twit & Drive!!!!!!…

Memorial Weekend Tip39…O, you think you bad?…never seen anyone beat up Mase or Taser, so calm ya lil ass down!

Memorial Weekend Tip38…don’t argue, play fight, talk loud, breathe, or be BLACK around Miami Beach Police!

Memorial Weekend Tip37…Ladies, if he grabs ya ass…grab his dick: lil dicks back up, big dicks…WE just stand there and smile!

Memorial Weekend Tip36…if you grab my girls ass & I’m with her…I will SOUTH DADE JOOK on ya ass…I got lawyer & bond money, play wit it

Memorial Weekend Tip35…Men, if another nigga knocks you out for grabbing his girls ass, EXCEPT IT, because we do lol!

Memorial Weekend Tip34…if your room is in Broward & you thought put you by South Beach, get a refund cuz u got FUCKED!

Memorial Weekend Tip33…if you have a hotel in Liberty City or Downtown, don’t talk to anybody, they not neighbors they crackheads

Memorial Weekend Tip32…Men, don’t let NO body down you about that rental…at least you had the money to RENT it.

Memorial Weekend Tip31…if you havnt won no fights in your life, don’t try to start your winning in Miami. :)

Memorial Weekend Tip30…You see @juliabeverly Pose! You see @larrydogg fight! You see thecoredjs have ya music right. I’m Sooo…South Dade

Memorial Weekend Tip29…Less fighting, More fucking!!!

Memorial Weekend Tip29…Less fighting, More fucking!!!

Memorial Weekend Tip28…GPS sytem, condoms, gum, baby wipes, towel, sunscreen, water

Memorial Weekend Tip27…Bring extra hotel money juuuuust in case ya bitch ass friend starts trip’n.

Memorial Weekend Tip26…don’t be to swag on those skooters…embarrassment is right around the corner, so SLOW DOWN!

Memorial Weekend Tip25…if anyone in your click, or friends are trying to fight you, DONT LET THEM DRINK ANYMORE!!!

Memorial Weekend Tip24…no joke, PRAY before you get here & PRAY before you leave here!

Memorial Weekend Tip23…Men, you came to Miami for end up in a hotel bed, not a hospital bed, so CALM DOWN!!!

Memorial Weekend Tip22…Clubs are overrated…save money, buy a bottle and post on Washington, Collins or Ocean & run the strip.

Memorial Weekend Tip21…cop the DJ Hidro & Chaos-“What Happens On Memorial Weekend, NEVER HAPPENED” mixtape. It helps.

Memorial Weekend Tip20…Men, think your a goon? Stay on South Beach with that…we have a high crime rate for a reason.

Memorial Weekend Tip19…Men, don’t come to Miami trying to prove your a goon…u aint bring that many nigz on that plane

Memorial Weekend Tip17…Ladies, if he can’t but you a drink, DISCONTINUE EVERYTHING…times aint that hard brokeman!

Memorial Weekend Tip16…Ask for a Twitter page instead of phone number…you’ll get further, faster!

Memorial Weekend Tip15…Ladies, if you let him eat you out the first day you arrive, that counts for “memorial marriage”

Memorial Weekend Tip14…follow me to be updated on everything & be anywhere me, Grind Mode or

Memorial Weekend Tip13…Ladies, if he’s to high or drunk…fuck game will be a waist so just go in his wallet instead.

Memorial Weekend Tip13…Men, if you can smell her pussy before you undress her…RUUUUUUUUUN. Or you gonna RUN to the clinic after.

Memorial Weekend Tip12…Ladies, if you find way to make money, fuck whatcha broke beg’n friends think..GIT IT!

Memorial Weekend Tip11…Men, everything that look good aint always good, so slooooooooow down & pay attention to FEATURES!

Memorial Weekend Tip10…rumors don’t make it back to your city(its rare), so HAVE FUN!

Memorial Weekend Tip9…Ladies,you get horny just like we don’t, DONT LIE!

Memorial Weekend Tip8…Ladies, he doesn’t have to have husband qualities to fuck…just get the dick & keep it moving. Stop thinkn so much.

Memorial Weekend Tip7…Ladies, don’t blame it on the alcohol, cause us men don’t :)

Memorial Weekend Tip6…good sex does not make good relationships, so keep it as a good MEMORY. Don’t make it what it aint!

Memorial Weekend Tip5…Ladies, don’t care how good you fuck and suck game is, DO NOT VIDEOTAPE!!!! Don’t u got kids & a man STUPID!

Memorial Weekend Tip…even if your not fucking, buy CONDOMS…nothing like getting someone pregneant & only have there nickname.

Memorial Weekend Tip3…Ladies, don’t tell him your hotel or room number the FIRST day, might be CRAZY, a stalker, or worse…a thief.

Memorial Weekend Tip2…Men, just cause she shot you off don’t mean cuss her out…she mighta been a man, had an std, or was CRAZY!

Memorial Weekend Tip1…Ladies, leave ATTITUDES in your own city, don’t pack it in your bags when coming to Miami!


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