THE305.COM THROWBACK (2005): DJ Khaled gets Scott Storch and Timbaland to drop some live renditions of classic beats


Before Khaled even put out his first album, Listennn – he was a DJ and he put out ONE mixtape in his whole career called This Ain’t A Movie Dawg back in 2005. Till this day, Khaled will swear to you that he’s never ever put out mixtapes (even though he clearly did), he only puts out “movies”…lol. Those were his exact words to me. But either way, it was full of back-to-back exclusives from everybody. Including the following interlude track that had a younger Scott Storch in his prime – replaying a couple of his most famous beats live on his Motif for Khaled in a random studio session while Khaled was talking and later in the clip, Timbaland pops up to speak some positive vibes and do a little beatboxing for a live rendition of one of the more famous Scottie x Timbo collabos. Obviously, this was before they had their initial fallout. Listen/download below…

Khaled, Scott Storch & Timbaland – The Live Session (2005)

Download: Click Here


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