51st Annual Grammy’s Typography Posters (1 of 8) – Stevie Wonder


The other night on South Beach at the Wyclef and Katy Perry show for T-Mobile and the Grammy’s, I got a chance to run into the little Grammy set-up they had at the show with a whole bunch of promo material. And one of the girls there gave me a set of 8 postcards that commemorated the 51st Annual Grammy Awards that took place this past February. The postcards set came with 8 designs created with a unique typography composition to create the faces of 8 notable artists/groups. And the words that make up these artist include the top 15 songs that each artist chooses. So for example, Stevie Wonder (above) chose songs like “Georgia On My Mind” and “Baby Boy.” When I first saw it, I flipped over how incredible they were and was wondering why I never saw these when the Grammy’s came around a couple months back. So I had to scan and share with you all.

Over the next couple days, I’ll hit you up with the rest of the postcards, which include designs with Rihanna, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Coldplay and others.

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