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Keri Hilson’s In A Perfect World came out a couple weeks ago and its literally the first album I’ve bought in a while. I actually went to Target and copped a physical copy. Crazy Right? I too was surprised that they still sold CD’s in stores. Either way, aside from her addictive good looks, Keri is a talented songstress and a helluva songwriter. The album is solid and in my opinion maybe has like 2 filler-sounding songs. But its has like 12 other bonafied hits. I thought I’d make another edition of The305.Com’s Top 5 Lists – to let you know what my top five songs off the album are…


5. “Alienated”.
Produced By Cory Bold & Danja

The future is now. This track first of all sounds like something you never heard before because it mixes “alienated/outer space” type of word play over hip-hop drums and a very crisp 80’s like synth type-of-melody…but it works. Keri even does some lighthearted rapping on here. Fah’ sho.

4. “Make Love”
Produced By Polow Da Don

Keri got her raspy-voice on for this here track and kills it. A traditional sounding love song, but it becomes a little more than traditional since Keri is the one on the vocals. To sum this song up, its just about a girl catering to her man (ie. the 2009 “Cater 2 U”). This is the song that officially makes every man want to call Keri their wifey.

3. “Intro”
Produced By ??? (credits don’t say)

Keri crooning behind the production makes this beat so much hotter. And Keri gets on her swagga-liscious and braggadoscious type of persona on this track – and I would assume its because its the first track and she already knows that the next 13 songs on the album are the truth. Ends the track by thanking her listeners for turning her on.

2. “Turnin’ Me On” featuring Lil Weezy.
Produced By Polow Da Don & Danja

This song is a smash hit and took over urban radio stations over the past couple months – no explanation needed, the song has pretty much proven itself already. “Wait a minute lil’ bustah…”.

1. “Knock You Down” featuring Kanye & Ne-Yo.
Produced By Danja
First of all, Danjahandz is ridiculous with the production! Like its incredible to see how many different types of tracks this man could create. Now as far as the song, its a star-studded affair with guests raps by Yeezy and a guest verse by Ne-Yo. And Keri touches on a emotion that a lot of us go throw from time to time with our significant other(s). All that added with a hypnotizing chorus and hands down, this song takes it as the best song on the album. Plus, it was recorded partially in Miami at the Hit Factory and Circle House, both in North Miami.

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