Ricky Ross “Victorious” tee by Bird Club


Here’s a new T-shirt by Bird Club Clothing. Reppin’ Miami and reppin’ Ricky Ross. Here’s an explanation of the purpose and meaning behind the shirt:

“….At first it was like “damn! Ross going at 50, Fitty has been a beast in the game for a minute!!??”. Being that we all know Fitty’s resume in ending challengers careers..But I must say that Ross has stood his ground, still standing and probably stronger than ever. And after hearing the album, STILL making good music. Since here at Bird Club Clothing we try and rep the 305 as much as we can, we are proud to release this tee. Representing “stamina”, acknowledging that one of our home team artist has gone at the beast and has not taking the path the others have taken. We dont know what will happen in the future regarding this beef, but im speaking as far as today. Here at Bird Club, we are not taking sides nor do we know Fitty or Ross, but we do rep the 305. And thats all this is about!…” – BC

More info: www.birdclubclothing.com

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