PHOTO GALLERY & RECAP: Flo-Rida, Pitbull & DJ Laz @ the Marlins Game versus The Mets + Taking a Tour Of The Stadium with Pitbull


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The Florida Marlins’ Super Saturday concert series was in full effect last night with an all-star performance by Flo-Rida, Pitbull and DJ Laz. The day started off when the Poe Boy and DJ Laz entourages came out to the field to prepare and take part in the first pitch. DJ Laz threw the first official pitch and Flo-Rida followed right after. And from there, the Marlins took on the New York Mets. It would be a couple hours before the concert would begin since it was taking place after the game was over, so I got an exclusive chance to roll around with Pitbull (while he filmed some scenes for his Marlins video with CreativeSeen) in between the 3 hours or so that the game was set to go on for before the concert.

It was like the 3rd inning when we started Pit’s walk-through around the stadium. It started at Pitbull’s tour bus and basically made rounds around the entire stadium through the hallways and through the DJ stands and through the luxury skyboxes. Pitbull must have posed for like 100(+) photos with random fans that were approaching him through his walk around the stadium. We walked a whole lot and we definitely got a workout – but it was great to see how much love Pitbull has for his fans and vice versa. Mr. 305 was definitely in the building!

And while, the performances were energetic and full of Miami pride, the Marlins lost to the Mets with a final score of 8 (Mets) to 4 (Marlins). On a brighter note, word is that ticket sales did fairly well and broke a couple records. So maybe this won’t be the last time we see hip-hop during a Marlins game!!!

Check the photos of the event and some behind-the-scenes stuff below after the jump….

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