Rick Ross pranked by Ralphige? Say It Ain’t So….


Rick Ross was making rounds last week saying that he was called by a G-Unit employee saying that 50 Cent wanted to offer Ross $500,000 to call it a truce and end the beef. Rick Ross openly talked about the call and said he denied the money and laughed it off. Well, if what BallerStatus and celebrity prank caller Ralphige says is true, Rick Ross did in fact speak to a G-Unit employee, but that G-Unit employee was actually Ralphige and Ross had become another victim of a prank phone call courtesy of Ralphige. Ralphige tells Baller Status, “I crank called [Rick Ross] like two weeks ago, pretending to be someone from G-Unit — Nelson…I hit him up, told him that 50 wanted to dead the sh**, and that he was beating 50, and that 50 was willing to give him [$500,000] if he would just fall back…..[Rick Ross] got excited as f***, but he didn’t except, which is one thing I respect. He’s was like ‘Nah, nah. F*** that. I’mma keep doing me. I’mma keep doing me….I ain’t backing down.'” After the call ended, Ralphige was planning to release it on the internet, but Ralphige claims that “Before I could even put the call out, he was already doing interviews, talking about it…He ran to the media with it like it was real. He fell for that sh**.”

Check out more info on Ralphige over at www.ralphige.com and www.twitter.com/ralphige

Words and story by BallerStatus.Com


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