24HH Rumors: Miami Unites Against 50 Cent?


According to 24hourhiphop, there’s an apparent campaign against Curtis brewing in the coming weeks.  This is definitely news to me, but hey, I’m just reporting it. Here’s what 24HH says in their rumors section:

“….This one is laughable. I am hearing from my down south connect that several Miami artists are not feeling the way 50 Cent has been destroying their two hometown heroes. Like it or not Rick Ross and DJ Khaled are the biggest stars in Miami at this point and they are the face of that city. Pitbull already made kind of a statement with his track “Defend Dade” featuring none other than DJ Khaled. However I am hearing that the city is getting organized to go on a more full blown attack on Curtis and The Unit.

Word is everybody who’s somebody down there is about to start riding on Fif’. Trick, Pitbull, Cool And Dre, and anybody else who has been making noise and has any affiliations with Ross or Khaled, which is basically every artist in the city you’ve ever heard of or are going to hear from in the next 5 years or so. I am hearing that Ross did not initiate this plan but is riding with it to the fullest of course. From what I am hearing we should be hearing something by next week.

I gotta say if this is true, this is not a good idea. Getting a whole city to go at 1 guy? That makes it look like 50 really is the monster he claims to be if it takes all them to tackle 1 man right? Also besides that, have we not learned from others mistakes? 50 Cent is not the one. He DESTROYS people for fun. Not disses or battle raps, he DESTROYS. Why put yourself in the way of the cannon like that right? There’s a lot of talent in Miami and I personally think Ross is one of the best rappers in the game right now so hopefully him and his city can move on and make the right decision….”

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