Interview with Miss KarmaLoop aka Kelly Karloff


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Interview with Kelly Karloff

If you’ve shopped at Karmaloop.Com, then you’ve seen Kelly Karloff. She’s easily the main reason why most guys go back to Karmaloop on a regular basis. Well, after many requests from you all, we got a chance to interview Miss Kelly Starr (aka Miss KarmaLoop) and get to know Kelly a little better. She discusses her ideal man, her shirt collabo with T.I.T.S. brand (which 50 Cent was spotted wearing recently) and how she got started over at KarmaLoop. Enjoy!

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The305: Introduce yourself
Hey Sexies!!! My name is Kelly. I’m currently a student and a model. I am 5’6″, 105 lbs. I LOVE to laugh, shop my lil’ bum off and party till I drop.

Where are you from?
Boston baby!

How did you first start working with Karmaloop?

A girlfriend of mine recommended me and thought they would be interested in me as a model. So I showed up one day, did my thing, and the rest is history

What’s a typical day like when doing those Karmaloop shoots?
It’s really chill. Everyone I work with at Karmaloop is amazing. It’s an awesome company. I come in with my coffee (never see me without one), strip down, and go through racks of clothing.

Not sure of what kind of response you’ve gotten, but do you get stopped in the streets in Massachusetts or anywhere you go due to being recognized from Karmaloop?
Oh lord, yes! It’s so weird. I never expect it, but of course it’s always flattering when people recognize me when I’m out! I get a lot of online recognition through my Myspace & Facebook accounts as well. I honestly am just so thankful for my supporters – they really don’t know how much [their support] means to me.

What has been one of your biggest highlights over the last year in ’08?
Probably being body painted at the Playboy Mansion. That was a great experience!

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What’s your focus for 2009?
Probably just to stay true to myself and to focus on my modeling career as well as finishing school

I know you’ve been down here a few times, what’s your favorite part about the city?
I LOVE Miami! Who doesn’t? I’ve actually been many times. I usually go down once or twice a year. I just love the shopping, beaches, nightlife, weather, and everything about the city.

What do you do for fun on your off time?
I’m at school a lot and I LOVE to shop, so I’m always at the mall. I love going out and just being with my family & friends, you know, the usual!

Little known fact about you that not a lot of people know…
I am a huge goofball and I embarrass myself practically everyday. [Laughs] I’m really flexible and I walk on my hands all day long, I’m just me!

Give me a “do” and a “don’t” when it comes to a guy approaching a woman or even yourself…
A “do” would definitely be to say something funny or kind of cocky in a funny way, but NOT arrogant. A “don’t” would be to just talk about yourself and use the typical pick up lines. Its…so annoying!

Describe your ideal man.
He would be really funny, have an amazing big white smile, dark eyes, dark hair, tan skin, intelligent, spontaneous, affectionate, and overall just someone who treats me well.

You also have a shirt that you collaborated with T.I.T.S. Brand on, right?
Yes its the TITS BRAND x KARMALOOP T-shirt “Good Karma/Bad Karma” and you can buy it exclusively @

Any last words, shout outs, and anything you want to promote……?
Just check me out on And a big thank you to everyone that supports me I love you all! Lots of love – Kelly

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