Suspected Miami Graffiti artist falls to his death on the Palmetto Expressway


Photo And Info: The Cartel

Wow. Even though this is kind of the risk that is always in the back of a person’s mind – it should never end like this. I’m really in shock. Rest In Peace, homie…

Miami Herald reports:

A 29-year-old man fell to his death from a traffic sign catwalk onto the Palmetto Expressway on Friday morning.

The man fell onto the southbound lanes of the Palmetto Expressway, near Bird Road before a truck hit him after midnight, police said.

“The driver of a Ford Ranger pickup truck struck what he thought was debris in the road,” said Pat Santangelo, a Florida Highway Patrol spokesman. “He stopped and realized it was a body.”

Authorities found a spray can with silver paint next to the man’s lifeless body.

The traffic signs above him, indicating the direction to Kendall, showed the illegible beginnings of his tag.

Florida Highway Patrol has not identified the victim pending his family is notified.

Authorities removed large graffiti on damaged traffic signs on Interstate 95 in downtown Miami on Thursday and North Miami on Tuesday.

Click here To Watch the CBS4 video coverage

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