Book: Miami Graffiti by James & Karla Murray


With this recent “Buk 50″ news hitting the local media, I was reminded about this book that’s coming out in a few months called Miami Graffiti. A documentation of Miami’s graff scene with photos taken by photographers James & Karla Murray.

The Murrays, who have gained recognition for their books Broken Windows and Burning New York, which both have documented the NYC graffiti scenes – have now come together again to do the same for Miami’s graffiti scene. Recently, they have been in Miami, going around the city and photographing every square-inch of graff that has appeared in the city.

I first heard about this book from the homie ABSTRK back in December and I’m glad to finally see that Miami Graffiti is in the final stages of coming to fruition. Its set to release in April and you can pre-order it by clicking here. And according to various websites, James and Karla are set to appear at Books and Books on April 30 to sign copies of the book. To see the in-depth synopsis, click below…

If Miami isn’t a city normally associated with graffiti, this vibrant and exquisitely photographed collection of works will make readers think again. Over two hundred images reflect Miami’s hugely diverse culture with their eye-popping colors, Art Deco flourishes, depictions of palm trees, beaches, marine life, and local iconic figures. Here, a surprising and dangerous underside to the area is also captured. Extensive coverage of abandoned buildings nicknamed Penits,A” de facto museums where entire crews practice their styles, and on-the-outs writers occasionally end up living, proves there is more to the city than South Beach’s glitz and glam. Dozens of close-up shots reveal gorgeous, intricate detail, and in-process shots illustrate the technique of turning blank walls, buses, billboards, and other public canvases into stunning masterpieces. Quotes from the city’s leading graffiti artists including Crome, Quake, and Siner lend further local perspective to this increasingly popular and universal urban art form.

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