Teairra Mari Interview – February 2009


Teairra Mari Interview

This April, Teairra Mari will make a return to the limelight with her new album At That Point. Its her first album release since her departure from Jay-Z’s Rocafella Records a couple years back. She has since, grown from being a teenager trying to find herself – to being a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Teairra is living in Los Angeles now, but does find herself coming to Miami every so often for business and…for pleasure. And I don’t mean “pleasure” as in Pleasure P – she assures us that they’re really good friends. Her first single, “Hunt For You”, actually features him. We got a chance to catch up with Teairra after the Super Bowl events for a couple minutes to see what she’s been up to…

The305: First of all, congratulations on the new album. What’s your new situation – who’s releasing the album?
Thank you. The new album is called At That Point and its coming out this April via Fo’Reel Entertainment and Warner Bros.

Fo’ Reel Entertainment was Nelly’s management, correct?
Yes, Fo’ Reel is actually headed by Cuda Love. He managed Nelly and Ma$e at one point. He also worked with Biggie. So he has done his thing over the years.

I heard you were at the Super Bowl festivities in Tampa a couple weeks back?
Yes, I went out to Tampa to attend and host a fashion show over at the Hip Hop Soda Shop. It turned out reallly nice, I had a good time. But you know, it was cold in Tampa, so soon as that was done, I had to come back to the warm L.A. weather because Tampa was soooooo cold.

That’s only like once a year. Florida stays warm. But with that, how’s L.A. treating you?
Well, I’ve been in L.A. for about two and a half years now. And I love the weather! I’m originally from Michigan so I reeeeallllly enjoy the L.A. sun.

What about Miami? I know you come around Miami every so often….
I love Miami. Miami is just the spot to be at. I love Nobu at the Shore Club. And I’ve even been to the strip clubs…[laughs]. I always have fun in Miami. I love Wet Willies!

So is the album done yet?
I just wrapped it up. I just finished recording with Rico Love, The Runners and JackPot over at We The Best Studios – DJ Khaled’s studio. We just finished those three songs and that wrapped the album up.

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How was it working with DJ Khaled?
This was actually the first time working with Khaled. And he just showed me a lot of love. The studio is really really nice. Definitely enjoyed working with him.

Did you work with anyone else here in Miami?
I also worked with Nikki Minaj, who is one of Lil Wayne’s new artists under Young Money. So she’s definitely on the features along with Rick Ross and Pleasure P on the single “Hunt For You”.

How did you get together with Pleasure P for “Hunt For You”?
Actually we have a lot of friends in common. One of our friends introduced us and originally tried to hook us up and get us together [laughs], but it actually turned into a great friendship – like a brother-and-sister kind of thing. Now, I hook him up with girls and he even gives me guy advice and all that. So…when the opportunity came on “Hunt For You” to have a guy featured on a verse, I definitely made sure I called P to get on it. It was pretty simple…

So what’s the concept behind the song and the video?
The concept behind the song is about a guy who you’re in love with who is…changing. He’s not the same guy that you once met or what not. So its that “I’m looking for you, that incredible you, that irreplaceable you” that I fell in love with. Not this new guy. So that’s what its about – just how people change during time.

Where was the video shot?
The video was shot in L.A., by Benny Boom. And you know, in the hook I say “I’ll go to the end of the world if I have to…” – and I just wanted to go through different atmospheres in the video to show that. That’s why you see the clouds, the sky, the desert, the nightlife and all of those different scenarios – its all in the hunt to find your man.

What’s the biggest between this new album At That Point and your last album?
This new album just shows me as a woman now. I can speak from a more experienced perspective and straight from my soul. Before, I was a confused teenage girl. And now, I’m a woman who knows what she wants. Musically, I know the sound that I want and I know who I am. I just matured and now I know what I’m talking about in my music, versus before where I “thought” I knew what I was talking about.

Are any of the songs on this album extra meaningful to you?
I have a song called “Built For This” which is actually talking about my experience in the music business. And even though my back was against the wall, I am still up and running. I’m built for this industry and I’m gonna keep doing this. Its probably the most heartfelt song on the album.

Any side projects coming up?
Actually, I did a film last year with Jackie Long and Gary Dourdan called The Magnificent Cooly-T and it should be released sometime this year. So you know, eventually I am going to really get into acting, but for right now, I’m just focused on promoting the album. I’m definitely going to be on the road and on tour this summer.

Definitely! So any last words Teairra?
I just want to send a big “thank you” to all the fans for all the support. Thank you to everyone for all the love!

Visit Teairra Marie’s Myspace over at www.myspace.com/teairramari


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