Our New President…….DJ Khaled?


Wow. I’m madddd late on this one. DJ Khaled is the new President of Def Jam South? Crazy stuff. I guess I missed this in the rumors a few weeks back, but I assume this has been confirmed and known about for a while. It never hit me so I guess either nobody cared or the position doesn’t mean much to a lot of people. But I think it’s a good look to see Khaled come from the rinky-dink Mixx 96 days and now hold a nice position with one of hip-hop’s biggest entities.

And a quick sidenote, this was all written about and apparently confirmed a while back on the blog of L.A. Reid’s son. Yeah, I slipped on this one, but I thought it’d be appropriate to post on the eve of the swearing in of Barack Obama.


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