Go behind the scenes of one of my favorite photoshoots


This was a project that I did for the first issue of 305 Magazine entitled Scarface: Remixed and has really been one of my most acclaimed shoots. We wanted to do something special for the first issue and wanted do something that was iconic to Miami. Thanks to the brainstorming of local Miami stylist Angie Garcia, she came up with the concept of remaking photographs of popular scenes in the movie Scarface. The only catch – our Scarface will be played by a female.

By us deciding to recreate scenes that were influenced by one of the most influential movies in hip-hop – we were setting ourselves up for a challenge. But with the help of Jumbo’s Restaurant & Star Shooters Photo Studio, we were able to do a damn good job and surpass all of our expectations.

Jessie Camacho came along to star in the leading role of the shoot as “Tony Montana”. Natalia Trejos played the lovable “Manolo.”

Our main attention was put on detail. As you can see below, the “scar” on Jessie’s face was actually make-up. I couldn’t tell you how many countless amounts of people thought the scar was real. But either way, the “scar application” was easy to put on, but not so easy to take off. In short, the lesson of the day: do not use liquid scar creator near anyone’s eyebrows. Sorry Jessie for the mishap! You’re a trooper!

This was a day long shoot and everybody involved was definitely pleased with the turnout. And one last bit of behind-the-scenes-info, for the “Sunset” scene, we actually created the sunset image behind Jessie and actually also changed the color of her jacket to reflect a blue colored one that appeared in the original scene of the movie. It took a lot of work, but it got the job done.

Source: http://davidrosario.com

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