DJ Craze – In The Year 2009


Round here at The305.Com, we’re BIG fans of DJ Craze and have been for years. Well, its good to see that Kanye is still keeping him real busy with all that touring and all those shows they’re doing. I think he’s on his way back from the Phillipines as I type this. Well, recently on Craze’s blog, Craze let loose his expectations and outlook for 2009…and it goes a little something like this word-for-word:

“…What my peoples?!!…. 2008 is now over and what a year it has been. My year started off the way it ended, with a lot of touring. I must say that I really hate airports and immigration, there’s nothing more in this world that I dread than dealing with hangovers and security lines. Anyways, halfway through the year I started touring with Kanye and honestly that was the most relaxing time I’ve had in years. It was more like a world vacation than a world tour. I met a lot of great people and it helped me focus on what I want to be doing in the next couple of years. For those that have been following your boy, you know I’ve made a lot of genre changes through out my career……I think more than any other dj I know. I don’t do this to piss my fans off, I do this because I love new music and music keeps changing every year. For 2009 it’s not gonna be any different. I’m really feeling this bassline driven music coming out recently. I’ll be putting out a couple mixes throughout the year to give you an example of what I’m talking about. This year I promise to finally deliver my first real production album and hopefully I’ll have a couple guests on it. Also this year I’m gonna try to finish a project I started last year called “LUSHUS”, for those that heard my Fabric mix I had a song on there called “Ho Fo Sho”, this was an example of the kinda vibe it will be on, basically some new skool miami gangster girlie shit with a lot of bass in it. Another project I’m starting this year is a new label with my boys Kill The Noise and Klever called “Slow Roast”. It was supposed to have kicked off by now but because of my heavy touring we couldn’t really make it happen in time. I’ve set my goals list very high for this year and I plan to make all of these goals come true. 2009 …..IM READY!!!!…”

Check his blog by clicking here

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