Pitbull’s La Esquina: Election 2008

Taken from Mun2.ร‚ย Season premiere Wednesday October 29, 2008 on cable channel Mun2. Video clip above. Also in other news, Pitbull responded to daddy Yankee’s endorsement of John McCain by saying, “Daddy Yankee’s endorsement of John McCain was a publicity stunt gone wrong. Whoever on your team told you to do this s**t really f**ked you up right now.” Yeah. so here’s the description of the episode:

In this episode of Pitbull’s La Esquina, Fademaster plans to finally vote in the 2008 election but Pitbull quickly realizes his friend doesn’t know anything about the issues or the candidates.

To help educate Fade on the difference between the Republican and Democratic parties, Pit brings him to Miami’s Domino Park where they moderate a political debate with help from the gathering crowd. Pitbull and Fademaster try to get to the bottom of what each party has to say about the issues on everyone’s minds.

Comedians Mike Jones and Nick Valentine also throw in their two-cents on the upcoming election.


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