T-Mobile G1 aka The Google Android Phone


Aside from being a full-time a 305 representah and a hip-hop afficionado, I’m a bit of a cell phone junkie. I get put on to all the latest cell phones that are out and about to come out. I mean, me personally, I like the Sidekick series just because I’m used to it -  but there are a lot of interesting phones out there and soon-to-released as well. And here you have the all new T-Mobile G1 (with Google’s Android OS) which is going to be released in a few days. Its technically not a new phone since its actually a reincarnation of an old HTC Dream model. But nonetheless its marketing has been spiced up and now dubbed “The Google Phone”.

And a nut shell, this phone is NOT an iPhone Killer at all. And one blog review I read said the phone is going to be lukewarm because it simply isn’t “sexy” as they put it. And I agree. It looks too robotic and un-stylish. The Google Maps capabilities and Gmail functions will probably be awesome, but there isn’t much in the equation that’ll make Apple’s iPhone run for cover. Or even flinch to say the least. More details and in-depth review by clicking here.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, and/or willing to sign a two year contract extension, you can get a T-Mobile G1 starting at $179.99, you can have your very own G1 delivered sometime in early November. Some custoemrs will get the phone on October 22nd if they ordered it early. Be aware that the data plans are little bit higher on the G1 versus the Sidekick data plans. Check with T-Mobile for details.


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