Esther Baxter on her way to her 24th Birthday Party

This is a video of Esther Baxter and Bria Myles are on their way to Esther Baxter’s Birthday Celebration and Titanium Girlz Magazine release party in New York City. Esther Baxter celebrates her 24th birthday in style with a club full of models, celebrities, and friends. It’s pretty funny. I mean honestly, I didn’t pick up on anything they said until Esther Baxter said “and she’s the CEO…”. You might need to watch this twice. The video runs 6 minutes and 10 seconds, but is really 4 minutes long. The rest is dead space. One thing’s for sure, politics are NOT their strong points and they should avoid poltiics at all costs! Seriously, no politics. And the video is brought to you by Mixcast TV.


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