Culture Kings, Maite


Wow. A company (or person) is out in the land down under claiming to be a Culture Kings Australia of some sort. I saw this posted on Culture Kings’ blog and it automatically hit home because I’ve gone through so many stages in my life where certain people just jack my creations or concepts or ideas like its all gravy. Nah. So here’s what Culture Kings wrote on their blog…

There is a company out of Australia falsely claiming to be a CULTURE KINGS Store. They even have the audacity to use our name and logos as well. They have no affiliation with us and sell counterfeit products. DO NOT BE FOOLED! They even have a webstore that sells fake Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy products. Those that know us or have been to CULTURE KINGS know that we don’t carry that BS. Please do not buy from or even visit the fake Australian Culture Kings site ( Notice the “au” after, which stands for Australia. We have filed suit and sent multiple cease and desist orders. There have been a couple of people who have contacted us and said they had been burnt by that site so please steer clear from it.

The Official CULTURE KINGS webstore will be up soon! For now stay tuned to the blog for the latest products, news, and events.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but F that, CULTURE KINGS is not just the name of our store, it is our family and was originally named after our Graffiti Crew that started in the early 90’s. Many of our friends have told us to take that as a compliment, but when you work so hard at something it is hard to let some fools just rip you off. DEATH TO ALL BOOTLEGGERS! And for those fools in Australia that think they are going to get away with this, we will be seeing you soon!

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