LaDy.J.pOeTic (Lady J Poetic) – Addicted To Something Beautiful


Photograph By Nick Bustos via Lady J Poetic’s Myspace

I ran into Lady J Poetic’s myspace page and saw one of her blogs with this dope piece she wrote. Peep it below…

I feel my blood rushed,
Hot like our first touch,
An electric connection on another level of deep lust,
I only have one thing on my mind and I can’t wait for us to unwind..
I can’t wait to rewind, and peak to levels unknown to mankind.

I want to feel my hands on you.
Want to express my thoughts with my moves,
I guess you can say I just wanna form a piece with you.
With each stroke, believe me I will define you.
To the point I won’t know what else to do.
You don’t know what I feel when I look at you,
It’s like each time, from each angle I see you,
I still discover you.

No matter which way I view you,
The picture I envision is so damn beautiful..
I have fallen in love with you..
From the moment I layed my brush on you.

I want to engulf myself in your ravishing composure…
And sit and admire you..while I continue on my assignment…
Which is to complete you as I feed you…
Feed your form, Feed you grace..
Feed you the authority and power to know, that no one is equal.
You are an individual.

I layed my hands on you and when I do…
a magnificant beast is formed,
so intense you hypnotize every individual.
It’s not that I only want you.

You have invaded my every thought.
You are everywhere that I look,
You captivated my heart.

I know it’s crazy, but you entertain me when you pursue me,
I love the way that you control me.
Yet I am the only one who can enjoy you.

You satisfy me, while you still tease me,
You entice me but you invite me..
As long as it’s only with intent to please me…
And this you do perfectly.

I am human, I have my moments when I am greedy.
So please continue to reach me..
Don’t ever leave me..
When we’re done, I just want to look at you,

To see every imperfection as beautiful..
Just imagine what the world will feel when they see you,
While I am still content that this moment,
Is only between us two.

A happiness so profound, so glad I have you,
So ecstatic that I am a part of you,
I will always cherish you…
Even the day I no longer can physically grab you.

I will constantly think of you…
So now I feel triumphant, the world saw you,
Of course they loved it!
They all wanted it!

But hey the cocky side of me knew they would!
That’s right, for damn sure…
like I said I layed my hands on you.
I can’t duplicate you, you are an original..
But I have to share you,even though I don’t desire to.
It’s not my fault they know your wonderful.

So don’t hate me, when I love you…
I can’t keep all my favorite pieces in sight,
but I can in mind…
I know they’ll take care of you…
Anything you put your heart into…compells you.

Everytime you express an original thought,
that’s talent from inside you,
It feels like a part of you is gone, but it’s for a reason.
To show the world a vision…and your the only one that sees it.

It’s the touch of canvas, the paint on my shoes,
The graffitti I form, the words I express too..
The music I write, or the recorded lines..
DJ all day or breakdance all night…
But promise me one thing…
Let it consume you…it’s worth it..

I promise you…
It makes you feel hot like your blood rushed,
An electric connection on a level of deep lust,
With only one thing on my mind, I can’t wait to unwind..
Give me a paper, a pen or a canvas..
Some need food..
I just need to be surrounded by talent!

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