Hot Or Not? – Retro Kidz

I got a package in the PO Box with a whole bunch of Retro Kidz stuff sent by their record label. Being the fact that they are an Old School themed group, I thought it’d be perfect to make a post about them within our usual Old School Sundays posts. Now, these guys (and girl) seem like they’ve accomplished alot according to their press package and their resume. They’ve been in like all the major magazines, as well as all the major networks in some form or the other and they’ve had their names attached to very big projects. Audio-wise, I heard the CDs they sent and they were cool. A bit “hipster rap” like, but definitely listenable. However, I just got the video for one of their songs “New Era” and I am kind of scratching my head trying to figure out if this video is good because its nostalgic to the 90’s. Or bad because its played out and they’re similarly named to a similarly themed group called The Cool Kidz. For the record, I like the song, its decent. The video…not so much. I think they took the retro thing just a bit too far. But you know what…you can be the judge.

Retro Kidz – New Era [New]

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