Infamous “Banksy” hits New Orleans


If you don’t know Banksy, well he’s probably one of the most famous street artists in the world…if not, THE most famous. In a nutshell for everyone who doesn’t follow him, Banksy is essentially a stencil artist who puts these pices and sometimes impossible stencils in the most public places. In the midst of security cameras and possibly tons of witnesses, he manages to escape being spotted and puts up his pieces like its as easy as Apple Pie. And at times, the artwork on the buildings thatร‚ย he tags his work on, become worth more than the building itself. People have removed big chunks of wall with Banksy pieces to be able to sell that wall to the highest bidder. Well here’s a couple pieces that Banksy managed to pull off during what we assume is a recent stay in New Orleans. And when you say “New Orleans”, you might guess that most people immediately think Katrina + Bushed-Fucked-Up. Perfect fuel for Banksy to create some timeless stencils. More photos of the New Orleans material after the jump…

Most certainly my favorite stencil artist, Banksy has made a living ruling the streets of England with his provocative, political and damn good masterful execution of stencil graffiti. With his pieces collecting ridiculous amounts of money, any city should be honored to get tagged up but the legend, well at least everyone except the authorities. Recently taking a visit to New Orleans, Banksy attacks yet another flurry of buildings with his trademark style, obviously referencing some of the latest political problems troubling our nation. – Hypebeast

Source: Wooster Collectiveร‚ย via Hypebeast

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