MP3 Download: Pitbull & Lil Jon – Krazy (produced By Lil Jon)


Whoah. Its been a while since we all heard a Lil’ Jon beat. I’m sure that’s mostly to do with the TVT shananigans that were going on over the last two or three years. Either way, here’s the most recent Pitbull & Lil Jon collaberation entitled “Krazy”. The production is a bit different. Way different. A little cartoonish and trance-ish. That should be expected as Lil Jon did kind of put himself in a box as far as production and he’s always emphasized that he’s taking a new direction with music after his much public altercation with Scott Storch over Scottie “supposably” biting Jon’s entire production sound and style. As for Pitbull. He doesn’t stray far from his comfort zone as far as the hook, but the content of the versus are decent. And its a playful song, so he uses that to make a couple comparisons to how “krazy” things can get. Peep it below.

Pitbull & Lil Jon – Krazy


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