Khaled goes hard on them f*ck boys with they expensive ass computers

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7 Line Summary (not actual quotes but somewhere not too far from the truth):

1. Fuck all them fuck boys with they expensive ass computers.
2. I am DJ Khaled and have lots of money and usually walk around with $150,000 in my pocket and not just for the WorldStarHipHop cameras…
3. Ya’ll internet typers ain’t in the streets. Yo blogs make ME rich.
4. I got a treadmill in my office so I can live forever
5. My 4 expensive ass chains and my pinky ring is worff more than your life, bitch.
6. I love the internet cuz I could promote my album for free
7. I do it for us DJs. I make insane amounts of money for us DJs.

We Global…September 16th….


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