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Recap By Struck & Photos by DRO and STRUCK

Pictures are towards the end of this post…

After an incredible show in 2007, I went crazy waiting for the next one. And on the day of this year’s show, a riot almost broke out when they opened up another window for Will Call. At first it was so disorganized but, it all eased up after the show started.

I walked in when Supernatural was freestyling to everything around. I walked by clicking away a few shots and there goes Supernat with “wait photographer, let me pose for a picture…” So that set the mood for me. This was going to be a dope show.

B.O.B ripped it with an impressive performance. Wale (Wal-leh) – where did this guy come from? Dope vibe. Murs was impressive. I’ve never seen him live and seeing him made me a solid fan.

I met Dead Prez in the back and I love to hear them dudes speak. M1 and Stick Man are always putting you on to something. Their performance was dope.

Immortal Tech what can I say. His shows are serious and this one didn’t fall short at all.

De La Soul is one of the most fluid groups to ever touch the mic. They took the stage and had everyone going crazy with the classics and with the new tracks. Dres of Black Sheep came out during their set and he had everyone getting down with “engine, engine number 9, on the New York Transit line…” The crowd went crazy at “pick it up, pick it up, pick it up”. I’m glad I got an opportunity to hear from Maseo on how the group started. He recalled “De La Soul started at my crib. We were in high school and we got together and built this.”

“Nas stopped for a picture with Pablo Escobar Jr. and the son of “La Madrina” from Cocaine Cowboys. Nas told them that they needed to have lunch together one day. “

I couldn’t believe how thick the crowd got. I ran into people I hadn’t seen in years or a few days even. A few of the highlights were seeing the artists come out into the crowd and sign autographs, take photos and etc. Some of them walked to the vendor booths and around the whole event. Everyone showed them love like B-Real of Cypress Hill who came out quite a few times.

Mos Def – HATES PEOPLE TAKING HIS PICTURE! I simply walked up to him and asked “Mos, you mind a picture?” Very politely he said “Nah man, sorry I really don’t do pictures. Its not my thing.” But he did come on and owned the stage from the start to the finish. It was flawless. He did many of his classics including one of my favorites, “Traveling Man”.

On stage, Raekwon and Ghostface had the crowd on their every word pumping classic WU. It was good to hear Hip-Hop so loud in Downtown Miami. Don’t get me wrong, Ultra is cool when it comes around every March, but there’s nothing like classic hip-hop beats and rhymes.

One of the performances that had everyone talking was Pharcyde. “They’re suspect, I wonder if they’re all even going to come out?” someone in the crowd comments between sets. Now backstage, they were all there cracking jokes shaking hands and ready to get on. After a quick interview with Pharcyde, the highlighted message from them was “Another album isn’t impossible”. So lets see what happens. When they hit the stage, everyone that was sitting along the wall and on the cement seats got up and walked closer to the stage. That was a sight. They did their thing. I’ve never saw them perform and I hope that that performance won’t be my last.

As Pharcyde was finishing their set, there was a media roar in the artist area at about 6:30PM. Redman and Method Man had arrived. Method Man gave a big shout out to Majic of Majic City Records in the backstage area. The crowd at this time had quadrupled the size from what it was at 4PM. Everyone went crazy when they hit the stage and got even crazier when Meth and Red got on the speakers. I’ve seen them both solo, but together, they’re amazing. The Black Out 2 is coming and they announced that How High 2 is in the works. Half way through the set, DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. came on stage. Method Man and Redman finished their set as the security starts making their way to the artist area. You know what that meant….

“After a quick interview with Pharcyde, the highlighted message from them was ‘Another album isn’t impossible’…”

Nas arrived. He came like the president, escorted straight to the stage. I have to admit Nas never fails. After his set and on the way out (again like the president), he stopped for a picture with Pablo Escobar Jr. (for real! look at the picture below) and the son of “La Madrina” from Cocaine Cowboys. Nas told them that they needed to have lunch together one day. Now that’s a conversation I would love to sit in on.

Before A Tribe Called Quest hit the stage as a unit, Q-Tip came out and did his solo thing with Mos Def as hypeman. It was cool, but when Phife hit the stage is when everyone started to sing along to every syllable. When they said “put your fists up”, I looked back and the whole place had their fists up.

The whole event was amazing. From Supernatural and Scratch to everyone that performed. They all gained and/or maintained a huge piece of Miami as fans. I asked the head of security if there were any fights and he responded with “Nope, not one. I love this event. Its not the people, it’s the vibe that this event brings. I love it.”

Nuff said.

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