The Wackness – Movie & Soundtrack


I just saw this movie The Wackness the other day. Its not an Oscar contender, but its a good movie that’ll definitely keep you entertained for a couple of hours. While again, it was good, my only beef with it is something that I’ve already heard (and read) a couple people say about it. You walk away from this movie trying to figure out if this is a comedy, a love story, a drama or a coming of age type movie, etc. In the end, you don’t know. But you definitely have to check this movie out, if not for the movie, then for these two other reasons.

1) The legendary soundtrack that plays throughout the movie. If you love that classic New York hip-hop from the early-to-mid nineities (Summer of 94 to be exact), I think you’ll love this movie no matter what – just for the soundtrack alone.

2) Seeing Method Man play a Jamaican drug dealer with the ill Jamaican accent is priceless. Fuckin’ pricess.

Check it out. Playing in limited locations…


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