KAWS – One of my new favorite artists!


I hate to look like I am jumping on a bandwagon, but I just recently got put on to KAWS, who is a New York based artist and former graffiti artist. I know Kanye and Pharrell are big fans of his work and also customers. Most recently, KAWS was featured as one of the designers of the covers of this month’s Complex magazine (pictured above) which features Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D on the covers. KAWS leans more towards the commercial side of things in my opinion, but I can’t front, its just dope. One of his most notable series of work is his Kimpsons based paintings, which is an obvious play on The Simpsons. And per his Wikipedia page, KAWS reacts to his Kimpsons project as finding it “weird how infused a cartoon could become in people’s lives; the impact it could have, compared to regular politics.” He’s also flipped renditions of Spongebob Squarepants and The Smurfs. See more of his work on his official blog: www.kawsone.com/blog

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