Mos Def hates taking photos….


Apparently Mos Def really hates taking pictures. TMZ came to that conclusion about a year ago (click here to watch), but we got to see that first-hand this past weekend at Rock The Bells. I mean Mos has every right to decline or say “no’ when somebody asks him for a photo or for an autograph. Shit, this past weekend at Rock The Bells, we saw him backstage and we asked him to pose for a quick photo. He declined, and all we could do is respect his request and keep it moving. But, shortly after that, Mos got up on stage to perform and somewhere dead in the middle of his set, he goes on this rant for like 3 minutes about how he didn’t ask to be a celebrity and that when he’s around or backstage – to not ask him for a photo because he will say no. He also said that the crowd could gladly take photos of him while he’s “on stage because its not illegal to do  so” while he’s at work. See, my thing is, again I respect anybody that doesn’t want to take a picture, but to go up on stage and talk about the situation and put 10,000 fans on check is kinda fucked up. He could’ve used that time to I don’t know, perform “Umi Says” or “Ms. Fat Booty.” He’s still cool in my book, but you know, it was just a bit odd to see a lot of people in the audience be like “wtf is he talking about?”


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