Exclusive – Webbz vs P.M.


In classic hip-hop tradition, Miramar artist Webbz threw the first punch at Liberty City native P.M. in battle form. The diss track called “Tylenol PM” has started to circulate through the net and onto a few larger sites in the hip-hop world. I ran into P.M. the other night just as he walked out of the studio with his response that is seemingly titled “The Funeral”. I think its a dope response. I mean, who doesn’t like a battle? As long as they can keep it on record, I’m all for it. Click Below for their songs towards each other…

Webbz throws the first blow with “Tylenol P.M.”


P.M. responds to Webbz with “Funeral Music”

Who do you think took this? Leave a comment…

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