Maria Milian Interview


Maria Milian is a South Florida based model out of Miramar, Florida. She’s half Armenian and half Spanish. Just recently, we found out that she was going to be featured as the next Eye Candy of The Month for XXL Magazine for September…and we had to interview her to get the details. And trust me, I saw some of the pictures, and they are real dope! So read on as we discuss the new XXL issue she’s in, as well as get to know her a little better and get to know what kind of guys she’s into! Read below.

Introduce yourself.
My name is Maria Milian. “Milian” with ONE L not two. I’m a model/actress/singer.

We’ve been seeing you more and more within the last couple months, tell me how you got started in the modeling game?
I was an aspiring model since I was about 18, but just recently got into it hardcore. I started off doing the usual, you know, taking a million pictures and going to as many castings as I could.

So you are the next Eye Candy of the month for the September issue of XXL Magazine. How did you link up with XXL?
I was stalking them! Just kidding! But seriously, I was trying to get in XXL for years like 5 years and it was damn near impossible. But when I got to do this Nelly video recently, my agent said he could push and get me featured. So he made some calls, and it happened! It was truly a matter of good timing. When its your time, its your time. I guess it was meant to happen when it did. Big ups to director Benny Boom for that Nelly video. I told him I’d thank him when I got the XXL feature.

How was the photoshoot? Give us the inside details on the experience.

The photoshoot was great! Honestly, the staff was incredible. The make up, hair and styling were all on point. I didn’t know the concept until I got there, but I was so glad they ended up choosing a pin-up theme because I felt it was very me’. I was worried I’d have a theme that didn’t fit my character, but it all worked out great.

What about the photographer?
The photographer was great too. I loved his energy. I wasn’t really nervous’ but they had me on this swing thing and it was soooo uncomfortable. I really thought I was gonna fall. I was all hanging upside down, and then standing on it with these shoes. Those shoes man were no joke! But I was like I’m a professional and I can pull it off. So I did. It was a ton of fun. Then I went home and ate a Bacon Cheddar burger! Oh and there’s actually behind the scenes video footage that will be available on XXL’s site once the issue is out so you definitely have to watch that.

Is there anything you learned from this experience with XXL?
I can’t say I learned anything, but I am very grateful, and I have high expectations, and high hopes that good things will come from it.

“…They had me on this swing thing and…I really thought I was gonna fall. But I was like, ‘I’m a professional and I can pull it off.’ So I did. It was a ton of fun…”

When can everybody go out and buy the issue?
Well, its in newsstands around the U.S now, but it will be everywhere for sure in the beginning of August. Its the September issue, which is also their Anniversary/Back-To-School issue.

So you also do music right?
Yes I do, basically right now I’m still trying to conquer the modeling game, and into music I go! I want to make a smooth transition, so I’m working on a demo right now, and working on developing myself as an all around entertainer and that includes singing, dancing and acting.

I think you can tell a lot about somebody by just knowing what their top three favorite albums/cds of all time are? So, what are yours?
This is so hard! Can I just say, more than 3? I’m gonna tell you – Reasonable Doubt (Jay Z), Illmatic (Nas), Qwality (Talib Kweli), ATLiens (Outkast), most Michael Jackson albums, most 2Pac albums, Prince albums and Madonna. There’s a million more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

Do you get the Kim Kardashian comparisons often because of your Armenian background? How about any Christina Milian comparisons because of your last name? Just curious.
Ahhhh, the Kim comparison. It happens all the time, which is cool because she’s really pretty and has great style. But it sucks because before her, when I tried telling people I was half Armenian they were like “what’s that?”. Now its like “oh, like Kim Kardashian?” and I’m like “No, like ME!” I’ve been Armenian before she came out!! As for Christina, people ask if were related, and the answer is no, but its cool, because people remember my last name because of her. So it all works out.

“…I have to admit, I don’t go looking for the bad boys, but they just seem to find me, but I like them. I don’t know why! I’m not a bad girl, but I guess opposites attract….”

Something about Armenians and/or Armenian culture that us in Miami might not necessarily know? And Spanish culture?
I love Middle Eastern music, and the food is great, but more people are getting put on to it down here. There are a lot of Middle Eastern clubs and restaurants now. As for my Spanish side, some people don’t know the difference between SPANISH and LATIN cultures. My mom is from Spain so we don’t listen to salsa and merengue. We dance to flamenco music and eat paella. No rice and beans!!

Allright, so I know its cliché and you’ve been asked a million times but I gotta ask for my readers, but what do you look for in a guy? Are you into the typical bad boy?
[Laughs] I have to admit, I don’t go looking for the bad boys, they just seem to find me, but I like them. I don’t know why! I’m not a bad girl, but I guess opposites attract. I just like a good looking guy with a good sense of humor and some kind of sense in his head. I don’t ask for much. You don’t have to be rich. Just have some ambition and don’t be a jerk.

From your past experience, what’s the worst thing a guy can do when approaching a girl that he’s interested in and/or trying to get their attention?
The worst thing? Id say flattery. It gets you no where with me. A simple compliment will do, don’t keep rambling on and on about how fine I am, because then it doesn’t seem sincere.

Your Ideal first date?
That would be something quiet where we can talk and get to know each other. I need to see where your head is at. I like lounges, where there’s music subtly playing in the background, and maybe some wine, good food. And at night and preferably outdoors. Like I said, I don’t ask for much.

What let’s you know that a guy is a keeper?
Aside from my gut feeling, I’d say that the way he treats or talks about his mom lets you know a lot about a guy usually. And knowing his rep helps a bit too.

Last question, do you prefer dating a guy in the entertainment industry or outside of it?
I’d say its easier to date a guy in the biz because then he understands what I would go through and we’d be able to understand each other’s struggles. Because if let’s say I’m dating a doctor and I’m a big time entertainer. Where would we see eye to eye? I wouldn’t understand why he gets excited about surgery and things like that and he won’t understand why the sound of an audience roar gives me goosebumps. It just won’t work!

So any final words?
Check my website. Its and my Myspace, And also aside from the XXL September issue, I am in the upcoming Rookie issue of Smooth Girl magazine and also in a new Montell Jordan video that’s coming out. Just keep your eyes open for Maria Milian, because this is just the beginning!!!


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