Rick Ross – The streets are talkin!! So… whats the big deal?


Alright first off, I’m a fan of Ross, but the streets are talkin! Like all everybody else, we’ve been hearing the media mess about “The Boss” and how he was a Corrections Officer before he was in the rap game. I’ve heard these rumors from other sources that have NOTHING to do with the music industry. So to clear it, I’ve done some digging and have outlined the situation for ya.

It all started with Trick Daddy saying that Ross was a Corrections Officer back in the day. When I first heard that I was like “what the f**k?”, but I didn’t pay it much mind and I kept it moving. So after word got out, video with Rick Ross’s reaction to Trick’s comments appeared. He was really shocked and pissed that out of all people, Trick Daddy would be the one to say something like that. So the rumors started flying and online CelebrityExposer TheSmokingGun.com steeped in and found out exactly what Trick was talking about. Link to TheSmokingGun expose by clicking here.

Ross, born William Leonard Roberts, was indeed a prison guard from late 1995 to 1997. To add insult to injury, per Power 96, Brisco has been named as one of the people confirming what Trick said. That one really caught me by surprise. Then a youtube flick came out that puts all of Ross’s info out there and even tries to peg DJ Khaled as saying that its because of his own work that Ross is big and driving “Phantoms”. Which he was a huge part of Ross’ success but i think Khaled’s words were taken out of context and the Khaled may be old at that.

Now the only thing I think is wrong here is that Ross denied it at all in that initial video clip responded to Trick Daddy’s allegations. Aside from salary details and all, whats the big deal? We all hustle in our own way. Working that extra job or even only sleeping 2-3 hours a day to make ends meet. I don’t care if he did know the real Noriega. It isn’t my concern, nor do I care. But why did Ross deny the C.O. allegations?

The evidence is now out and its true that he was a Corrections Officer for 18 months with a salary of $23,000 per year. And its also true that he’s now a millionare rap artist. So my question is that now, does that change the sound of his music? Did you really think that he made a few million dollars last year dealing weight? C’mon lets rethink this – none of the artists on MTV’s Top 10 or BET’s Top 10 that are millionares now (or close to it) need to hustle in the dope game!!! If you know someone in the dope game, ask them to rap about it and put their business out there so you can see how fast the FBI will come around and cuff them. In other words, its not going to happen.

Ross isn’t the first to get caught up in the corner like this. Our former President Bill Clinton was on the same rollercoaster. He was put out there by Monica Lewinsky (an intern), saying that she was giving him head all day everyday! Now as great as that sounds, his greatest mistake was denying it. America would’ve understood if he would’ve admitted to it. Get it?

The only hip hop artist I know that never recovered from lying to the press and lying about himself was Vanilla Ice – who’s real name is Robert Van Winkle. I would hate to see Rick Ross “The Boss” change his name to Ross Van Winkle.

Lets see how this plays out…


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