Part I: Photos and Recap of DJ Clark Kent’s 112 Pack Release at Shoe Gallery Miami With Mi Gente Clothing


Nike 112 Release Event at Shoe Gallery

Its a beautiful thing to see three powerhouses unite for an all too epic affair. DJ Clark Kent, Mi Gente Clothing and Shoe Gallery joined forces to bring in the release of the 112 Pack in true style. Photos and recap below. Don’t forget to read Part II tomorrow, which is the interview with the legendary Clark Kent…

Brooklyn’s own Clark Kent teamed up with Nike to put together the newly released 112 pack. In almost typical fashion, Shoe Gallery in Miami was given exclusivity to the pack and teamed up with Clark and Mi Gente Clothing to put on an autograph signing and give this pack the release that it deserved. The 7-word summary…The sneakers were gone within 45 minutes.

The Set-Up
In conjunction with the release, Mi Gente Clothing designed a specially made shirt to go with the pack and along with Shoe Gallery’s team members and Clark Kent; they all took creative direction in putting together a 15 x 15 portion of Shoe Gallery’s store space and transforming it to a whole new world made to match the 112 pack. They worked around Shoe Gallery’s stylish interior design and added that “Mi Gente” flare with their infamous gray elephant print spread across the walls, as well as taking in the assistance of Roger and Dario’s Auto Paint & Body Shop to bring in a custom-made bike that boasted layers of detailed graphics to match the neon green theme that was present in the display. The setting was great and the teamwork involved to make the set-up impressionable was definitely top-notch.

Clark and Mayor
Clark Kent stayed for each and every 112 related purchase that was made and took pictures with fans and admirers of his work. In the middle of one of the autograph signings, this guy enters the store out of nowhere and to Clark’s surprise, it was his friend of 25 years, Mayor. Mayor is an avid sneakerhead with a self-proclaimed (and Clark Kent approved) sneaker collection of 900 in his possession. Hailing from The Bronx, Mayor definitely caught Clark off guard because Mayor is known to have a fear of flying. So it was incredible for Clark to see Mayor take a plane to be in Miami for a few hours to join him specifically for this epic release at Shoe Gallery.

The moment of truth
The first customer in line to get his pair, who went by Mike, was relieved as soon as Shoe Gallery owner Danny finally gave him his receipt. I asked Mike how he was feeling and while being noticeably exhausted he replied with, “I don’t have much to say except that I live for this shit”. And that pretty much summed up the attitude you would get from the remaining people in line who waited for up to two days (the previous Thursday morning) to get what they could from the 112 pack release including Maria, a mother who came to Miami via Greyhound from Tampa with her 17-yrear old son to get these sneakers. They arrived Thursday at about 1PM and were about 15th in line. They were one of the last people to get their pairs. And let it be known that the entire inventory was sold out in less than 45 minutes. A lot of people, including Maria and her son, got sizes a bit too big or a bit too small. But the endurance and the struggle to be one of the few people with a pair to their names made that a very insignificant detail. If you were one of those people, you left the store happy.

After the event was wrapped up, I asked Safe of Mi Gente Clothing what his thoughts were on the outcome of the release and his response was short but impactful. He said “Nobody can do a sneaker release like this. Trust me. I don’t even need to say much, you’ll read about it in the blogs.

Editors Note: Shout out to Mi Gente Clothing (Safe, Resh) for having me out there, Danny, all of Shoe Gallery, Clark Kent, ADBC, Mayor and all the people that let me interview them for this article. But just to let you know, there’s still more…


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