Photo Of The Day: DJ I-Dee (The DJ) & Ivylise Simones (The Photographer)


I was doing some Spring cleaning in late July this weekend and I ran into this issue of the Miami New Times that I had stuffed in my closet and I just thought I’d share with ya’ll in case you never saw it. This issue was from back in December 2007 I believe.

It features DJ I-Dee, who’s definitely a DJ to keep tabs on because he is definitely going to be doing big things in the coming future. He’s accomplished so much at his young age. Check his myspace for his biography. It will definitely make others DJ’s a little jealous upon reading it.

Also, the cover photo here was taken by photographer Ivylise Simones who since this issue was published has become the Art Director up at the Village Voice (sister paper of the Miami New Times) in New York City. That seems like a dream job to have for real. On a personal note, its funny because I knew Ivylise from back in Elementary school. We don’t really talk often but its good to see her movin’ on up. She’s a very talented photographer/designer and expect to see a couple more samples of her work here in the future.

Photo Of The Day

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