Mighty Mos Def – Dj Ideal, DJ Konflict and Artime are Audio 3

Audio 3 – Mos Definite

Dj Ideal, DJ Konflict and Artime are Audio 3 and they bring you Mos Definite. A collection of songs recorded throughout Mos Def’s extraordinary career. Some you might’ve heard and some you might’ve not.

You might remember DJ Ideal as the infamous DJ that dropped the ever so famous series of mixtapes entitled Da Bottom with the trademark Lil’ Jon “Bottom Bitch” drops that would pop in throughout various songs on each mixtape. Well after a couple years of hiatus, he’s back via Audio 3 – all in while paying homage to Brooklyn’s own Mos Def. This mixtape definitely holds a five star collection that any Mos Def fan you be in possession of.

Download Link: Click Here


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