Estevan Oriol – Hip Hop Photographer based out of Los Angeles (L.A)


Estevan is one of the few and one of the great hip-hop photographers out there. His work is very distinct as he has a very grainy and a very saturated type of look that goes into his final images. Consider this post as an introduction to Mr. Estevan Oriol, but there will be many more posts about him and his work. And hopefully we can score an interview with him in the near future. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, look at these three photos including the infamous “LA Fingers” that has been spotted on countless t-shirts and skateboards. You can’t deny that photo being one of the most iconic and impressionable images that you’ve seen in recent times.

Check out most of Estevan’s photo catalogue and previous work by visiting his website at

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