Chicago Trip Recap Post 1 of 3: Rotofugi


So this is the first of three posts that I will make about my recent trip to Chicago that I made last week. You know, living in Miami all my life, I had to do the tourist thing, but I couldn’t leave Chi-Town without checking out some of the city’s top lifestyle stores. I gotta give a big shout to the big homie Sang who took us around the city and showed us all the ill spots.

So, I’ve never been much into the “Urban Vinyl” or the “Designer Toys” scenes so I couldn’t really say much about it except that I just know by instinct (and from an outsider’s perspective of coarse) if a toy looks dope to me or not. With that, comes Rotofugi Designer Toy Store And Gallery – located at 1953-55 W. Chicago Ave. in Chicago, IL 60622.

The store itself is a bit small but leaves an incredibly big impression. Shelves upon shelves of limited edition pieces and toys. One after another. It was dope first impression. A lot of their product was dope as well. I would have never thought that I would feel like I was a kid again inside a store and Rotofugi accomplished that…well, in a more mature kind of way though naturally.

Even if you’re not into the Urban Vinly scene, you have to just check out this store for the sake of visiting a new Chicago landmark. Plus you might pick up something for the kids. Riiiight. The “kids”.

More info about Rotofugi, as well as a very easy to use shopping cart at

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