The Box – When Music Television actually played videos…


The Box. Now this throwback should bring back memories for some. This was music television YOU controlled. This was the only competition that MTV ever had in the early 90’s. The Box was a machine ready to break in a new era of music videos without the middleman.

To summarize for those that don’t know, The Box was a channel that allowed you to call and order videos from a list displayed on the screen when there were none playing or from a menu at the bottom of the screen if a video was playing. You’d be able to call and an icon would appear on screen where you could see your selection numbers appear as you dialed and within seconds or minutes, your video would come on. Simple as that.

What made this channel unique was that every city had their own version of the channel. So the lines wouldn’t be clogged and you would be able to see your video within a reasonable amount of time. They would also give the opportunity to choose and play local videos as well. It was a classic! Unfortunately, rumor had it that the channel was bought out by a larger media company (rumored to be MTV) and shut them down. With that, I was surprised that I even found some links about The Box on YouTube shown below…

Clip #1 – Commercial/Intermission Clip

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Clip #2 – This clip is from someone’s VCR tape. Wtf? The Box in Miami looked a bit different but you’ll get the idea.

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